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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to FAQs about our commercial and residential services, deionised method or DIY window cleaning

Bunnings does stock some basic window cleaning tools. At a minimum you will need a bucket, applicator, and a squeegee. Make sure the squeegee you buy has a proper rubber that can be replaced. An average house will probably take a couple of days work and you might find it hard to get the glass perfect, without streaks and marks. Window cleaning at a professional level takes lots of practice and specialised tools.

When the glass is relatively clean, supermarket sprays do the job for touch ups. However, when the windows are dirty these sprays tend to move the dirt around and can make it smear. To clean the glass you will need plenty of elbow grease and several lint free cloths. Systematically work through the cloths on each window using them from dirty to clean. With this method it can be hard to get the glass clean and completely clear of wipe marks, dust or grease.

We recommend using surgical huck towels or smooth finish glass microfibre cloths. You can also use general purpose microfibre cloths (the furry ones) for cleaning the frames and sills but we don’t recommend them for use on glass as they are prone to static, leave lint behind and don’t glide as smoothly.

At this time we are busy keeping Brisbane’s windows clean so we are unable to provide a Gutter Cleaning service. However, we are pleased to recommend Brisbane Gutters for all your gutter cleaning needs.

Yes, we can! Please give us a call or drop us a note to discuss your boat and mooring. Some conditions apply.

Completely your choice, but here’s a few things to consider. Ultimately it depends on how dirty your windows are. For regular cleans, say every couple of months, you can usually skip the inside every second time. However, if it has been several months or more since the last clean, we recommend that both the external and internal glass be cleaned. The outside usually has a lot of dust, insect marks and bird deposits, whereas inside will have grease, mould and grime… in fact we often find that the inside is equally as dirty as the outside!

The answer usually depends on what type of windows and screens. Flyscreen’s can usually be removed for cleaning, but security screens cannot. Despite this, if you have standard sliding windows we can usually lift the window out of the frame to clean the external face. On rare occasions this might not be possible. We can discuss the particulars of your job when we provide you with a quote or arrive onsite.

Double hung windows have two panels of glass, both of which slide vertically (up & down) in the frame. These windows cannot be lifted out of the frame like horizontal sliding windows. They are also known as sash windows.

Double hung or sash windows

We always use the best method for each task, in this case: purified water.  However, even with the purified water the cleaning happens “through” the screen, so the glass may retain some marks. The glass and screens will be much cleaner than before, but unfortunately this is the best you can get without removing the screens (which would void your security). We find that most homeowners are more than satisfied with the results.

A set of louver windows consists of a series of horizontal glass blades that overlap each other and can be opened and closed in sets by moving a small lever up and down.

FAQ - example of louvers

Yes, most products allow for cleaning, a few do not. Some coatings such as Low-E glass requires professional cleaning. It is always best to let your window cleaner know in advance what type of tinting or coating you have installed as cleaning methods may vary.

Nope! Only a little water is needed inside, and we are mindful not to make a mess or drip water anywhere that might stain. We also use drop sheets and towels when necessary to keep the area clean and dry.

Absolutely, in fact we prefer it! The only requirement is reasonable water pressure. A regular household tank pump works fine.

For light showers, there should be no need to postpone. Even if it does rain during or after a clean, generally the windows will stay clean as rainwater does not leave marks. However, if there will be torrential rain (for eg. 100ml + in a day) it might be worth postponing. We will contact you if it‘s necessary to reschedule. Please call us if you have any concerns about your booking

That would be great; especially if there’s something very delicate, heavy or awkward.
However, if you can’t, don’t worry. We can usually move most items out of the way and return them to their original position before we leave.

It’s totally your call. Some of our clients like to be home when we are cleaning, others will let us in and leave for work, or make some other arrangement for access. Just let us know what works for you.

We love animals and don’t mind working around them. However, if there is a chance your dog might bite please make arrangements so that we can work safely on your property.

We use very few chemicals and nothing toxic or environmentally dangerous. With our deionised technology no chemicals are used, just pure H2o! If you have any sensitivities or questions please let us know.

If you live in the Redlands we would be happy to clean the windows of your cozy little Bayside home. We will be pleased to give you an estimate when you phone us.

Yes we sure are. We take our health and yours seriously. Our safety measures include never coming to work when sick, regularly washing our hands and monitoring the local government directives on COVID-19 safety. We also ask that you please let us know if you are sick, are suspected of having COVID-19 or are in quarantine.

Yes. If circumstances require, or at your request, we adhere to the following safe practices: temperature checks, mask wearing, regular handwashing/sanitising and contactless payments. We also maintain a list of our close contacts should it be needed. If you require a non-contact visit or external only clean please let us know.

Tap water contains more than just H20. It also has dissolved salts and heavy metals. These minerals have either a positive or negative electrical charge. This ‘charge’ is referred to as an ‘ion’. Mineral ions such as sodium, calcium, iron, and copper, are positively charged and called “cation”. Whereas chloride and sulfate are negatively charged and called “anion”.

After carbon filtering to remove chemicals like chlorine, the water passes through a filtration tank containing ion-exchange resin. Some of the resin attracts cation particles and the rest of the resin targets the anion particles. Thus the mineral elements are removed from the water, leaving the water pure. This means your glass will be spot and streak free after a thorough clean and rinse.

There is no difference for you as a customer and the results of the cleaning. The choice is really for the operator and what works best for his business. Interestingly most RO systems still rely on a DI component to produce cleaning quality water. At Hybrid Window Cleaning DI does the job for us!

Just the spelling. US spelling favors the “z” whilst British spelling uses the “s”.

Not at all. Water fed pole window cleaning is not like pressure washing. The cleaning power is not achieved by high water pressure but by special brushes. After scrubbing the final rinsing actually works better with a slow flow of water. So comparatively speaking, we use less water than an average household uses in the shower each day!

We accept cash, credit cards (surcharge applies) or bank deposit. We will provide you with a receipt or invoice depending on your payment method.

Absolutely. We have $20 Million Public Liability coverage suitable for all our shopping centre, commercial and residential work.

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