Commercial Window Cleaning

Many successful Brisbane businesses depend on our Commercial Window Cleaning service to maintain their facilities. So, whether you have a multi-storey office building in Logan or Mount Gravatt, a restaurant or club with a view on the Bayside and Redlands, shopfronts in Southbank, or a commercial complex in Capalaba (or anywhere else in between) Hybrid Window Cleaning has you covered for awesome window cleaning!

Multi-Storey Buildings

No matter if it’s a small office building, shopping complex or industrial premises, Hybrid Window Cleaning is equipped to clean up to 4 storeys of external glass! We perform such work safely from the ground using our purified water system (see Our Methods ). We also clean all types of internal glass, from high foyers, to balustrades and office windows. Larger buildings often require specialist attention and careful planning. We would love to arrange an inspection to discuss the scope of work with you or your site manager, so please give us a call or drop us an email.

When you hire Hybrid Window Cleaning the work will be done quickly, safely and with environmentally friendly methods.

High glass of 3 Storey Building
Nandos restaurant clean glass

Shopfronts & Restaurants

We first started cleaning shopfronts almost 15 years ago! Along the way we have picked up a few things… such as the need to work around customers in a friendly and safe way. We are also conscious of being careful around your stock and displays. You will love how our services make your windows shine!

Can I get a regular service for my shopfront windows? Absolutely! We have found that most businesses find a 2 weekly or 4 weekly rotation works well, but of course there are exceptions to this. We will be pleased to discuss a plan that suits your needs best.

A clean shopfront and windows establishes your trustworthiness and standard of hygiene in your customers mind. For example, would you eat at a restaurant that has messy windows? It’s the first thing you see as you walk in and you would likely wonder “If they can’t be bothered cleaning the glass what else is not being kept clean?” In contrast, if you walk into a shop that is well presented and clean you will naturally feel a sense of confidence about the merchant.

Can’t I just get an employee to clean the glass? Of course you can. However, getting the glass truly clean without finger marks, smears, wipes and streaks is hard. After you factor the hours of work (and wages) required for an employee to clean the glass – delivering only substandard results… well, many business owners prefer to just hire a professional and not have to think about it anymore.


Hybrid Window Cleaning maintains the windows for several commercial properties. These days many factories and warehouses also double as offices, customer receptions and factory direct outlets. We can take care of all your window cleaning needs from entrance doors, to high glass and office windows.

commercial building warehouse/office
Office hallway glass dividers and doors


Just like that beloved coffee machine, a clean workspace is great for team morale. Modern workspaces have a lot of glass to allow for both privacy and natural lighting. Glass elements may include: doors, cubicles, partitions, privacy screens, windows, mirrors, reception entrances, factory-view windows, and break areas.

The office is the beating heart of your company, so the last thing your team needs is a chatty window cleaner unnecessarily causing disruption. We understand this and can work around your team and office quickly, quietly and carefully.

Shopping Centres

We have cleaned the windows of several shopping centres. We have dealt with: Centre Managements, general cleaning contractors and shop tenants.

Working in shopping centres requires a high standard of safety. Therefore, Hybrid Window Cleaning is well trained and carefully plans tasks to mitigate risk, such as using drop sheets, signage, and very little water. We comply with centre management requests, we work outside open hours wherever possible, and we are insured for $20million public liability. Easy!

Shopping centre entrance doors and glass
Windows of townhouse cleaned


Managing commercial and residential Strata properties can be complicated. We pride ourselves on good communication, organisation, value, and safety. Therefore, whether you are an onsite manager or a property management company we will be pleased to discuss your requirements and establish a solid working relationship. Let’s talk soon!

Types of windows we clean:

  • Automated doors and sliders
  • Fixed panes and panels
  • Balustrading and safety glass
  • Glass facades
  • Glass concertina doors & windows
  • Double hung and sashless
  • Highlights and Skylight glass
  • Curved and sloping glass
  • Recessed windows
  • Glass signage
  • Atrium windows
  • Low-E Glass